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So I ran to find this BUND18! Located at the intersection of Nanjing Road on the Bund, No.18 Bund was originally the headquarters of the British Standard Chartered Bank in China. The 18th Bund, formerly known as the Macquarie Bank, was built in 1923. After two years of renovation, the Bund ten number 18 has become the most comprehensive consumer building in the world, combining fashion brand flagship stores, internationally renowned restaurants, bars and art galleries.

Nanjing Road walked to Pedestrian Street. . . But when I first saw this! When I got back it was almost 11 o’clock, but luckily, I caught a few 66 paths. . After getting off the bus I had some barbecue, grilled saury was really delicious! After eating, go back to the hotel to sleep! On the third day, though, I wanted to eat raw fried in the morning, but I couldn’t see any better!

This postcard is pretty cool. I bought three from here. . . Two people were given to Xiao Benben. . . You haven’t received it yet. . .

There is another shop that buys such little things. . Also, the master sister has her favorite Doraemon!

On the third day in Shanghai, I finally felt the power of the heavy rain in Shanghai. Fortunately I just finished visiting Tianzifang! In fact, many shops in Tianzifang are pretty good, but they are generally not allowed to take pictures. So as a quality tourist I just took a lot of pictures. . Also line and picture stores, clothing stores, western food bars, etc. . A high school classmate of mine was planning to come, but heavy rain blocked footsteps.

I really want to say that I had soup dumplings in Shanghai for a few days, but I’m not tired! Steamed buns in this restaurant are also delicious! We ate several great donut shops in Shanghai! The rice bowl is also delicious! I avoided the rain for an hour after the meal! The second stop of today headed towards Sinan Road! Brother Guang said that if you want to learn more about Shanghai, you have to go violently and walk the various roads of Shanghai! Sinan Yolu must go among them!

Sinan Yolu is mostly famous for the existence of Sinan Mansion. When I walked to the Sinan Mansion, the International Beer Festival was being held and many foreigners were drinking and chatting. However, Oktoberfest is really a pit, I didn’t know what brand it was, and I don’t know how much money beer is basically 30RMB / bottle and it’s close to shelf life!

This place should be seen as the third stop of the First Congress of the Chinese Communist Party today! But I am not interested, who knows nothing about history. .

I was really hungry after walking all afternoon, so I randomly found a small restaurant and didn’t pay attention to the specific name. The price of the food in the store is popular and the quantity is also acceptable. This cat is a highlight, I have to tease if I love cats and dogs. Then he kept playing with me and couldn’t idle, eh! Brother Bin said he didn’t want to go anymore after he had eaten. . I drove back to Wujiaochang and went to play with my classmate from day one. . Two people left! You can’t come to nothing because it’s here, you have to visit the legendary Xintiandi business district, even if you don’t buy everything!

Xintiandi doesn’t look big, it has two floors above and below! Shanghai Xintiandi is an urban tourist attraction with a combination of Shanghai’s historical and cultural features and Chinese and Western cultures. It is based in the old district of Shikumen, which is the symbol of Shanghai’s modern architecture. It changed the original residential function of Shikumen for the first time and gave it an innovative business The business function is to transform this old house, reflecting the history and culture of Shanghai, into a fashion, leisure and cultural entertainment center that integrates dining, shopping, performing arts and other functions at an international level. .

Turn around and come back again, hug! We would go with Brother Guang to the bar on Daxue Road, and then we went back to Wujiaochang by subway, followed the map and walked to the Daxue Road bar, our last stop today.

There are so many bars on Daxue Road that there are clear bars and pure bars. One of them, HOMELESS, has a good atmosphere but has no place. .

There are not many people at night on Daxue Road. . Go back to the hotel and meet Binge! Without realizing it is the last day in Shanghai! (We have to get back on the train at 4 o’clock in the afternoon.) Since we have been in Puxi for three days, we decided to visit Pudong on the last day! We did not have breakfast early in the morning and went to Lujiazui Station by subway. When we got off the train, the high buildings around really shocked us!

I thought there was nobody on the ferry, but it turned out I was thinking too much! All people! ! ! ! All people! ! !

Brother Guang and Brother Bin are still very tired. . . When he arrived, it was half past one in the afternoon, so I rested for 15 minutes and continued on the road!

Actually the reason I didn’t come here is because I heard that the big yellow duck’s father is a pink cat, so we went to find the pink cat together.

Cadillac Motor Show is held next to the pink cat! I’m not interested in the auto show, that’s why it’s out

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