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However, it is important that the company is based in the EU. For European providers, high legal standards apply, which cannot be high enough for their own operations and where many online providers are based, you can see in the following graphic.

Arguably, the security and trustworthiness of the company is critically important. After all, this is about cash. However, it should also be pointed out that most of the online providers presented have been doing good work for a long time. This is important to mention, because in the online sports betting area in particular there have been repeated affairs about match-fixing etc. in the past. But it seems as if the online providers have learned their lesson and understood that most of the game is still with clean and fair gaming To make money is.

Should concerns arise with a company, you can read all the important information about the sports betting provider comparison on this page and get tips on how you can avoid problems.

The situation of online sports betting in Germany can be confusing. helps you to find a suitable provider.

Anyone who deals with odds should pay attention to such nice terms as pay-out rate and payout key. The pay-out rate says what percentage of the stakes won the company pays out again. If the pay-out rate is low, you can actually count on the fact that the winning quotas will not yield too much.

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